Ethanim has reached a deep strategic cooperation with the Japanese chain game Mechaverse War

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Ethanim has reached a deep strategic cooperation with the Japanese chain game Mechaverse War

March 11 (ChainDD) Recently, the metaverse infrastructure platform Ethanim has reached a deep strategic cooperation with the well-known chain game project Mechaverse War (Japanese name: メカバースウォー). Both sides will play their respective advantages and capabilities in metaverse underlying technology, chain game development and ecological construction to jointly promote the development of the metaverse industry and make the chain game application enter a real decentralized era.

With this cooperation, Ethanim will make an impact on the chain game industry through Mechaverse War. The innovative technology implementation adopted by Ethanim will allow the chain game Mechaverse War to give users a smooth experience comparable to centralization in a completely decentralized environment. At the same time, it can guarantee the safety of users' funds, so that users will trust Mechaverse War more. And the game can create a safer and eternal metaverse world for users.

Mechaverse War aims to create the world's first Real-time Strategy mech conquest game platform of metaverse. Based on a playable game environment, it will develop NFT derivative scenarios, undertake digital promotion and extension of high-quality Japanese anime IP, and build an open metaverse platform for Japanese anime by GameFi's value connection. Mechaverse War is growing rapidly and has recently received a million dollar investment from CGV FoF, 久久人人爽人人爽人人大片 an Asian FOF fund.

In 2021, Mechaverse War completed a $1.2 million seed round led by Japan's IFG Corporation which owns top Japanese studio IP game and animation resources. Its team and visual designers are all senior practitioners in the Japanese game design, blockchain and animation industry. They led the planning of Fist of the North Star and City Hunter, and participated in the production process of top IPs such as mechanical design of Gundam and Final Fantasy. They have extensive experience in game development and blockchain.

As a metaverse infrastructure platform,麻豆国产成人AV在线播放 Ethanim solves the problems of slow transaction speed, low concurrency, and inability to support large and complex calculations through trusted computing technology. It enables that the consensus between nodes in the chain game can be completed quickly; at the same time, the creative modularization of edge computing, virtual GPU, decentralized storage and other technologies can make the system expand infinitely horizontally, so that the decentralized chain game has the comparable performance with traditional centralized games, which increases the fun of user experience and also allows users to easily obtain the corresponding revenue through NFT transactions in the game, namely, play to earn.

Since the launch of the Metaverse Infrastructure on February 8, Ethanim team has approached a number of game publishers and animation companies. Mechaverse War is the first chain game project to reach strategic cooperation with Ethanim. Next, Ethanim will cooperate with more chain game projects to make them completely decentralized and protect the asset security for users of chain games.

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